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Re: [cobalt-developers] the Newbie

At 10:11 PM 3/21/00, you wrote:
>Fairly new to Linux, even newer to the RAQ2...  I have inherited the RAQ and have been putting it through "crash tests" -- (he smiles)...
>Have uploaded and compiled Apache 1.3.12    Have added php and mySQL from source...  would now like to start fresh with new sites (as in /Site1) or even better use a friendlier naming scheme...
>I have spent the better part of the day searching...  for a file that keeps track of such things as which web site number are we on...  Could someone please assist.  I promise to be a productive member of this list in the future, and hopefully, will not be too much of a whimp.
>One message I saw today referred to page 300 something in "documentation"  Where do I get that book.  -does it have pictures?  :-)

You can get all Cobalt product manuals in pdf form at http://developer.cobalt.com/devnet/devtools.html

I don't think any of them are as long as 300 pages, though.

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