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Re: [cobalt-developers] the Newbie

These questions might be better suited for the Cobalt Users list, though
that hasn't stopped anyone before ;-)

>source...  would now like to start fresh with new sites (as in /Site1) or
>even better use a friendlier naming scheme...

Once you start adding sites, symbolic links,  (like "shortcuts" in Windows,
or "alias" in Mac speak) will be made where you can also reference "siteX"
as /home/sites/www.thesitedomainname.com/, instead of (or in addition to)
/home/sites/site1/.  If you need a list, you could print out the long form
directory listing of /home/sites and that will show the relationship of the
domain names symlinks to the site numbers.

>One message I saw today referred to page 300 something in
>"documentation"  Where do I get that book.  -does it have pictures?  :-)

To say that there is a "shortage" of specific printed documentation for any
of the Cobalt products would be kind.  The Knowledge Based can answer some
things.  Some of the Cobalt staff lurk here, and offer advice, suggestions,
particularly for kernel related issues for those of us brave (or stupid)
enough to be hacking the kernel.

Since most of the software on the box is GPLed, (except for the Cobalt
"sauce"), most standard O'Reilly books are good references. That particular
reference was talking about the O'Reilly book "DNS and BIND".  I think
you'll want to go right out and get, at the very least, "mySQL & mSQL",
"Apache" and "PHP Pocket Reference", from O'Reilly, though there are a
couple more comprehensive PHP books out now.  It probably wouldn't hurt to
learn emacs or vi, either.  ;-)


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