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RE: [cobalt-developers] (no subject)

On Sat, 18 Mar 2000 17:28:08 -0800, The MacGenius Group wrote:

>I use both CF and PHP3, and I much prefer PHP3 (and Zend, the beta of PHP4)
>over Allaire's products. PHP3 integrates exceptionally well with both mySQL
>and postgreSQL, and it's much more affordable than CF server (free/$200
>versus $3000-$5000).

I'll second this. Call the features roughly equal, PHP's performance remains
great at least in to the 80 db-hit/second range (I haven't yet run a server
getting more) and it's completely free. With the exception of their attitude
towards security problems, Allaire isn't a bad company but I just don't see
much for the money. (Versus PHP. If it was, say, CF vs. ASP, the time it'd
take me to choose CF is measurable only in a laboratory.)

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