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RE: [cobalt-developers] (no subject)

I use both CF and PHP3, and I much prefer PHP3 (and Zend, the beta of PHP4)
over Allaire's products. PHP3 integrates exceptionally well with both mySQL
and postgreSQL, and it's much more affordable than CF server (free/$200
versus $3000-$5000).

The only drawbacks are that there are few visual HTML editors that know how
to deal well with the PHP3 language (most try to turn in into Perl). I hear
that both Dreamweaver and GoLive! will support PHP3 in their next
iterations, so that is a good thing.

That's my US$0.02 worth...

- Sean

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--- Russ Cobbe <russc@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Red Hat Linux 6.0 or greater, on Intel processors only
> > 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended and required for clustering support)
> > 70 MB hard disk space (100 MB required for clustering support)
> > Web servers
> > Apache API 1.3.6 and higher
> > NOTE: Load balancing and failover is supported only on Apache (1.3.6
> and
> > higher) Web servers.
> >
> > So no, it's not going to run on Raq2 MIPS...only Raq3's.
> If you need a product similar to Cold Fusion to run on a RAQ2 you
> might want to look at iHTML.  http://www.ihtml.com

Of course, you *should* be using PHP. :-)


(works fine on a raq2.)


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