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Re: [cobalt-users] Webalizer 2.01.10 stopped working

> I have a RaQ4 and just finished moving sites from a RaQ3 using
> CMU to my RaQ4 I then installed PHP Release 4.1.2-3  &
> Webalizer Release 2.01.10-1
> After a couple of days I noticed that Webalizer was not
> updating the pages in the stats folder....
> When I try and run ./etc/cron.daily/webalizer.pl
> I am getting the following error!
> [root /]# ./etc/cron.daily/webalizer.pl
> Error: Unable to restore run data (99)
> Error: Unable to restore run data (99)
> Error: Unable to restore run data (99)
> Error: Unable to restore run data (99)

You need to run this command as root:

rm -f /home/sites/*/web/stats/webalizer.current


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