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RE: [cobalt-users] email alias doesn't work

On Friday 31 May 2002 01:38 am, Jeremy Glick wrote:
> Hi, I'm having a problem getting email aliases to work.  The username I
> setup for the site will receive email with no problems, but the alias will
> not receive emails.
> In looking at postings over the past couple months, I've found some
> postings with the exact same problem.  Unfortunately nobody ever posted a
> solution.

is there a user on the server with the same name as the alias? even if the
user is configured at a different domain name, this could cause problems.

For example, if this is your setup:

mydomain1.com ->

username: harry
alias: info

mydomain2.co.uk ->

username: info

as far as i know, all emails sent to 'harry' using the address
info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx will go to the user 'info' on mydomain2.co.uk

Hope this makes sense! Correct me someone if I'm wrong!


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