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[cobalt-security] Bind Hack

Hi there !

We got an e-mail today from our CoLo (UK2.net) that our RaQ3 had been hacked. The port 15000
would be open as a result of this hack. It further says that aprox. 20 files had been changed and
we were urgently requested to apply an .pkg to repair those files. 

Since I dare to fix things before they break, I tried to figure out and find some traces of the exploit.

I couldn't find a foreign thing in .bash_history. We don't have a '/lib/security/.config like someone 
wrote. I tried: 'telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 15000' and got 'Unable to connect' which tells me that port 15000 
is not open. Furthermore, everything is running smoothly: apache, ssh, e-mail and 
'/usr/sbin/ndc status' prints out version bind-8.2.3

Can someone please give some hints and save me from a heart attack ?
How could I detect this hack ?


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Thomas Prosi