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[cobalt-security] <<< Software Update Pulled From Release For RaQ 3 >>>

Cobalt Networks, Inc.
Software Update Pulled From Release

Do Not Install The Following Update!

RaQ3-ROM-Update-1.0: ROM Update For PCI Card Compatibility
        Improves hardware compatibility with some third-party cards.

This is to notify you that due to problems with this software update, it will
be pulled from circulation until further notice.  Do not install this software
update, as it may cause startup problems with your machine after installation. 
For those of you who have installed this already and are experiencing startup
problems, we are currently working to isolate the issue and will notify you
once we have completed our investigation.

Thank you for your patience,
Thomas Oh

Thomas Oh                          mailto:support@xxxxxxxxxx
Tech Support Engineer          http://www.cobalt.com/support
Cobalt Networks, Inc.
555 Ellis Street                          Voice 650.930.2679
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