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[cobalt-security] <<< Software Update Notification For RaQ 1 & RaQ 3 >>>

Cobalt Networks, Inc.
Software Update Notification

Hello Fellow Cobalt Customers!

This is the fourth in a series of periodic notifications designed to keep you
informed of recent software updates, as they become available to you.

Until 4/30/00, this and future software update notifications will be posted to
all of our mailing lists as a courtesy to you.  In the future, these and other
official announcements will be posted only to the Cobalt-Announce Mailing
List.  If you have not done so already, please subscribe to the Cobalt-Announce
Mailing List by starting at the following location:

For a full description of these and other updates, please go to:

Or for those of you who want to get straight to business, please go to:

We strongly recommend that you apply any and all updates appropriate to your
server appliance.

Thank you very much.
Thomas Oh

Software Updates For RaQ 1
RaQ1-All-System-Point-3.8: Log Rotation Configuration Fix
        Removes erroneous entries from the logrotate configuration files.
        This fixes a problem due to the RaQ1-Update-OS-3.0.
        Install only after updating to the RaQ1-Update-OS-3.0.

Software Updates For RaQ 3
RaQ3-ROM-Update-1.0: ROM Update For PCI Card Compatibility
        Improves hardware compatibility with some third-party cards.
RaQ3J-System-Patch-1.1: System Patch (Japanese Version Only)
        Fixes domain name server problem with some reverse address records.

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