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[cobalt-security] SMB Group Shares Vulnerable to Web Access


I've been poking around a Qube2 and I'm a bit concerned about the lack of 
security or how vulnerable the SMB shares are due to the web service.

It may not be likely, but a web browser can gain read access to files in 
a group share (i.e /home/groups/groupname/) without having to supply a 
username and password if the name of a subdirectory is known or almost 
any file if index.html is not present as the web server returns the index 
for the directory.

Am I missing something here?

Is there a config option to change the behaviour of the web server such 
that it will NOT return an index when the default page (index.html) is 
not present?

What is the scope of a .htaccess file?  Does it control access to just 
the directory its in, or subdirectories as well?

Is it possible to simply enble/disable web access to group directories on 
a case by case basis (e.g on for /home/groups/home/ and 
/home/groups/intranet/, off for all other groups)?

Cheers,  Malcolm

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