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Since 1999 I have tried to post helpful information for Cobalt Users. On April 5 2006 Sun closed the Cobalt Users forum and removed all the posts made by myself and others from their site. In order to help people better understand the Sun Cobalt products I have created this site which is an archive of the posts to the Sun Cobalt Users, Security, and Developers Mailing Lists. Unfortunatly all the posts to the Sun Cobalt Forums have been lost.

When the Sun Cobalt Users, Security, and Developers Mailing Lists Closed on May 14, 2004 there were 62295 Unique Posters by my counts... This site is now an Archive of those posts and Only the E-mail addresses have been removed... With help from Google this site will be fully indexed and can be Searched using Google's Advanced Search Page for Extremely Accurate Searches... Google is the Best Searching Tool Possible for this site... IMHO

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For those that like "Web Based" Forums I have created an area similar to the last Sun Cobalt Forum...

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I Maintain several Mailing Lists for Sun Cobalt Users...

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