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[cobalt-users] Re: [Cobalt] [raq2] security update help


Well, your "netstat -n" _does_ pull up instantly, but I'm not sure
what's wrong with the dns records:

atoznet.com 	 	-> 		A record
raq7.atoznet.com 	-> 		primary
www.atoznet.com 	-> 		A record
ftp.atoznet.com 	->	www.atoznet.com 	alias
news.atoznet.com 	->	news.ezzi.net 		alias
pop.atoznet.com 	->	atoznet.com 		alias
smtp.atoznet.com 	->	ezzi.net 			alias 	->	atoznet.com 		reverse pointer 	->	raq7.atoznet.com 	reverse 	->	www.atoznet.com 	reverse
atoznet.com 		->	atoznet.com 		mx

other than the fact that I seem to have two reverse pointers

Now, the server dns1.free-dns.com is listed a a secondary name server.
I'm sure this is the dumbest question in the history of the internet
but... should I have a record to them here? Should he be updating his records?

Thanks for your help, I'm sure these questions are pretty primitive to
you guys, but a ringer to me.

> Clayton, don't change back to the old sysklogd...
> The problems you are having is DNS related.
> Is the machine you are using in the reverse DNS database? If not, then
> that's what's causing your problems.
> Try writing 'netstat -n', if that command works instantly it's because it
> doesn't do a gethostbyname() call as it would without the '-n' switch.
> Check your DNS before doing anything else.
> Best regards,
> Rickard Osser
> Manager
> Osser Brosoft AB                Distributor of Cobalt Networks servers
> Maria Bangata 6                 Computer Consultants
> S-118 63 Stockholm, Sweden      Networking, DOS/Win/Mac/Linux/Unix
> Tel: +46-8-798 29 27            E-mail: ricky@xxxxxxxx
> Fax: +46-8-668 89 10            WWW: http://www.brosoft.net
> > Clayton McGow wrote:
> > >
> > > Hello all.
> > >
> > > Since I installed the raq2 security update mentioned as the first
> > > message on 11/21/99 in this newsgroup (sysklogd-1.3.33-9C2), my ftp and
> > > telnet connections are running so slow, I can't always get logged in
> > > before the connection times out! Furthermore, when I type "netstat" from
> > > the telnet prompt, my machine hangs for a looong time before it
> > > responds... when it responds at all.
> > >
> > > This may be some kind of unrelated phenomena, but that seems like an
> > > unlikely coincidence. I would like to remove the security patch
> > > immediately, unfortunately I must be nervous wreck because I can't find
> > > where it was installed. uhhh, can someone instruct me on how to _remove_
> > > the security patch?
> > >
> > > --
> > > Clayton McGow
> > > support@xxxxxxxxxxx
> > > http://www.atoznet.com

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