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[cobalt-users] RE: [Cobalt] [RAQ2] Mailing List


Thru the web interface you can only add e-mial address or remove them.
To configure your mailing list to do whht you want you need to use majordomo
functions and configure thru e-mail or cange the config file in
usr/local/majordomo/list/ on your raq2.

For more information on how to configure/use majordomo, please visit

Just a note ...... do install the MajorDomo Security Update 2.0
Without this you will find that each mailing list is created with a default
password on every Raq2, Which make your raq2 a great SPAM gateway!!!


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Does anyone know where I can find a reference on how to use the mailing
list function of the RaQ2. I want to be able to have people send an
e-mail to the address and be able to sign-up, remove, etc. Like this

The manual for the RaQ2 provides no help. Your help would be

    Thank you,

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