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[cobalt-users] New mailing List software

As of 3:21pm PST, the cobalt-users mailing list is running under new software.

We are now using Mailman.  All administrative tasks can now be performed
through the web.  Please visit
http://list.cobalt.com/mailman/listinfo/cobalt-users for information on
subscribing and unsubscribe, as well as viewing the archives of the mailing

One disadvantage to this software is that it requires the use of passwords to
remove yourself from the list.  You should have received a few minutes ago an
email with your password.  In case you lose it, you may also visit
http://list.cobalt.com/mailman/listinfo/cobalt-users and type your email
address into the last box on the page, and have your password emailed to you.

We hope you find the new software useful.  Please let us know if you have any

Oren Teich

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