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[cobalt-security] Announcement: Unofficial Cobalt Qube users' support list

I've just set up an Unofficial Cobalt Qube users' support list.  To
subscribe, send email to <qube-users-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

This list is NOT supported by Cobalt; it's my own effort.

It'll be a few days or so before the list is actually set live, so we
actually start with a few listmembers <smile>.

You will be notified when the list goes live.

It doesn't matter what you put into your email; it's NOT parsed for
anything except your "From:" address.
Jeff Lasman <jblists@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
P. O. Box 52672
Riverside, CA  92517
voice: (909) 787-8589  *  fax: (909) 782-0205