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[cobalt-security] [Qube2] Backup Users Home Directories


I have a Qube2 and I'd like to have an automated process to maintain a
backup of users home directories.

The built-in backup process does not have an option to do JUST the
/home/users so it can't be used.  I already have a system to backup each of
the SAMBA group shares ... I'd like to extend it to do ALL the user shares.

I've edited smb.conf to share /home/users with access limited to admin.   I
can now mount it on a Windows box and add it to my backup process ... so far
so good.  

The backup works for any data a user has saved in their home directory but
it fails on all the IMAP "folders".  The problem is that all the IMAP
"folders" have their permission set to 600 so only the owner can access them
and hence my backup fails.

All the directories and files in /home/users are part of the httpd group so
if I add admin to the group httpd and do a chmod 660 on IMAP "folders" I
should be able to achieve my backup.

My question is ... how do I force all new IMAP "folders" to have permission
660 by default?

Also is there any reason why adding admin to the group httpd is "bad".

Cheers,  Malcolm
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