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RE: [cobalt-security] Qube2 Firewall "feature"

I didn't know that.  I don't know about adding a modem.  No telling what
might break in the GUI though.

I went to my local Heffer store (gateway) and inquired about the rebadged
cube.  They didn't know what I was talking about.  I asked if they ever
checked out their own web site - and got a 'you talk'n to me' kind of look
before I was informed that gateway did windows not linux.  That's great
considering their headquarters is only a two hour drive from me.

I'd really like to experience the product.  It sounds better then the
original and Cobalt's MIA support is making me too nervous to keep
recommending their products to my clients.  What's up with that?  Nine
months ago I could get a tech support call back within 30 minutes.  Now I
can't even get a reply to an email.

I'm about fed up with them and seeing all of the issues floating around on
the list makes me more nervous.  Seems like people are spending a lot of
time trying to fix a lot of broken units out there without cobalt's help.
Like many of us, I do this stuff for a living and bill only for my time, and
get paid for my time only if my customers are resonably satisfied with their
results.  When I recommend a product, I need access to answeres quickly, not
problems.  I am not a, nor are my clients, beta site.  Cobalt has really
been giving me cause to rethink how I am doing things.

What do you think?

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Hi Jeff,

> Maybe I'm late to this thread, but wouln't an external modem on the serial
> port work and be alot simpler to configure.  I don't want to sound
foolish -
> but am I missing something?

The "original" Qube does not have a serial port ... it would require some
sort of PCI card to connect an external modem ... IMHO why not just use a
PCI modem.

The Gateway Micro Server (i.e. rebadged Qube2) comes with a PCI modem so
there is a working config.

> BTW:  With all of the low cost high speed unprotected connections out
> now, It could perhaps be reasonable to consider the full-time 56k somewhat
> secure from the point of view that the connection's bandwidth would not
> generate much hacker interest.  I think that unless they found something
> very interesting or had a direct reason to intrude, they would consider
> system as undesirable for use as an unwitting requestor in a distributed
> attack.

True, but just because attack is unlikely is no reason to do nothing ... it
just means you don't have to spend as much.

Cheers,  Malcolm

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