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[cobalt-security] New Mailing Lists [ cobalt-announce and cobalt-security ]

Cobalt has two new mailing lists, these lists should help reduce the
traffic on cobalt-users and help keep all customers better informed.

List name: cobalt-announce@xxxxxxxxxx
Subscription information:

This list is used by Cobalt to announce updates, security advisories,
services, and general information to customers.   This list is not a
discussion forum, please use cobalt-users, cobalt-developers or
cobalt-security for that purpose.

Only Cobalt can post messages to the list without list admin approval.  

List name: cobalt-security@xxxxxxxxxx
Subscription information:

A forum for users to discuss network security related issues with Cobalt

Anyone subscribed to the list can post a message to the list without
list admin approval. 
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Cobalt Networks

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