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[cobalt-developers] Re: HOWTO: MySQL, PHP and Apache on a Raq2


Double checked the edited file mod_auth_pam.c : all correct.
Rechecked the installation of part 2 (install Apache and PHP): same problem.

What can i do?

Could i bypass the installation of Apache and install only the PHP?


Paul Schreiber wrote:

> Marco,
> >thanks again, but the "mod_ath_pam" is present. It is located at
> >.../php3/apache_1.3.9/src/modules/extra/mod_auth_pam.c
> >.../php3/apache_1.3.9/src/modules/extra/mod_auth_pam.o
> >.../php3/mod_auth_pam.c
> >
> >What can  i do? I edit it to do what? There is some library or section to
> >addon/remove?
> >What other?
> there was a step that required you to edit the mod_auth_pam.c file, but
> that doesn't sound like the error you're getting.
> double check that.
> [try again from the begging maybe?]
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