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RE: [cobalt-developers] [Question] What language do you prefer for developing apps onCobalt products?

>What is the number one programming language you prefer to use to develop
>server applications on Cobalt products?
>If there were an API to hook into the user Interface on Cobalt products,
what is the one programming language you most want the API to work with?
>Thank you for helping us make our products better.

AHHH!! Finally! Some others have already answered this question, but anyway,
my 2 cents..

1. Document what you already have! Make this documentation available!
2. Languages: C/C++ [preferably dual compatible code] (You've already got a
lot of perl code available.. see #1)
3. Make the GUI more like templates and less like webpages.. that way we can
configure the GUI as well.
4. DATABASE! None of this "experimental" crap.. I want DB[any!] support.
(For example: I put customer info into a DB while creating their domain)

I have almost completely rewritten the entire Cobalt [Raq2] software to meet
the needs of my company. While most users will not have to go as deep as I
have in reconfiguring their Cobalt products, I for one would have loved to
at least have some documentation on the serverside programming of the GUI
controls. I've basically figured most of it out on my own, but without the
documentation it has been a nightmare. Also, a guide to quirks/fixes in the
MIPS chip would be very nice... when we write software, what are the most
common things that need to be changed to make it work on MIPS.. especially
with the libraries provided with the RAQ.. I have written a few programs
which run fine on both BSD and Linux boxes, then when I put them on the RAQ
they have miscellaneous bugs.. [not always of course]..

The Cobalt Perl modules need documentation!!!!!!!  I'm sure many users of
the Raq that develop beyond the simple slap up gui and go mode could
seriously use these modules. These modules don't even have a Perldoc!! That
is damn near unforgiveable.. even college kids writing virtually useless
modules add Perldoc info to their packages...

Anyway, for the most part, I like the Cobalt product. But now Cobalt has
moved into the Big League.. it's time you stepped it up a notch. Start with
documentation. There are many programmers out there who will be doing your
jobs for you once you give them the docs on how they can best build software
for their machines. Computers are nothing but cooked sand without the

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