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Re: [cobalt-developers] [Question] What language do you prefer for developing apps onCobalt products?

C++, C, Java, or Perl, in decreasing order of preference, primarily for
efficiency, and flexibility.  We would not want any automated administration
daemons to load the RaQ any more than is absolutely necessary.

We are developing an automation package for ISPs and would very much like to
see a C or C like API for the Cobalt Administration Interface.

It seems to me that with the least amount of effort you could just document
the interface a web browser sees, i.e. the CGI variables and parameters sent
to the RaQ (or Qube) when the user clicks a save or update button on a web
form.  You could also with minimal effort, add administrative URLs to the
interface that would return selected data in an easily parsed format.  There
are plenty of web client programming examples available to automate what a
user does if this info were made available.

What do you think of this?


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> What is the number one programming language you prefer to use to develop
> server applications on Cobalt products?
> If there were an API to hook into the user Interface on Cobalt products,
what is the one programming language you most want the API to work with?
> Thank you for helping us make our products better.
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